Activating Toggle Terrain

Good morning
I couldn’t find the Toggle Icon for adjusting terrain contours in the menu. It allows toggling to and from a flat surface to one with contours based on the geo-location. Used to show up and now missing from the menu. The icon is usually a square with slightly curved surface to indicate toggling use. Is it in the default tray ?

The other question unrelated to the previous one: When the terrain is installed, the appearance of the vegetation, lawns, fields etc, are blurred and indistinguishable. How can it be refined?

Show the terrain by toggling the visible tag.

Depending on the location you may be able to download higher res imagery. If not you’ll need to find higher res imagery from some other source an import it.

The landscape terrain is already installed in sketchup. But there is no toggle icon in the menu. Is the tool in the default tray? I checked the default tray and found the “Tag” layer name, but not sure if this is the one. Sorry, still a little confused. The instructions about where to improve the appearance on terrain vegetation, lawn is clear now.

Why don’t you do what I wrote? Turn on the Terrain TAG. Turn off the tag for Location Snapshot.

Or display the Location toolbar from View>Toolbars and toggle it that way.


Thanks again for the clarification, and the diagram. I’ve used this before to activate the tool but forgotten