To rotate image around its axis



recently I have learned how to create image which can rotate facing me. However I found problem that the tree image does not rotate around the axis in the middle of image, but around some invisible axis which is placed on the side. The result is that the image walks around position where is was placed in a scenery, instead of totest.skp (60.0 KB)
stay sitting on one place.

How to fix that to rotate around the middle?


The default location of the axis of any new component is the bottom left corner. Naturally it will rotate around that point if you make it a Face Me.
Right click and change the Axis to the midpoint of the component and it will spin on it’s center.


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Or better than exploding the component and remaking it, right click on it and choose Change Axes. Then place the origin where you want the center of rotation to be followed by running the red axis along the bottom edge and the green back behind. The blue axis takes care of itself but make sure it is oriented to point up.

The component’s origin is also its insertion point so if you drag copies of it in from the Components window, you can easilt place them where you want them.

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@MikeWayzovski, the component’s blue axis needs to be in the “middle” of the tree, the trunk, (and pointing up).

@barracuda, its a matter of right clicking the component > relocate the axes (and thus its local origin).

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Thank you, this is so simple. So only to click on Component and select Change axis.


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