Component Rotate on Placement

I would love to be able to rotate a component about its bounding box prior to placement. The last post on this topic seems to be from 2017. Perhaps we could use the direction keys to input the rotation axis and each keytap would be 90 degrees. This would save a lot of time when working with furniture, signage, vegetation, entourage, etc. Currently the Component orientation is fixed to the Model axes prior to placement and you need to rotate after placement to achieve your desired orientation. Any chance that someone has created a plugin to do this already?


With SketchPlus extension

also possible with PathCopy, CopyAlongCurve and other plugins.

I see a feature request for rotation during the operation. Most likely there is some sort of a plugin to do this.
An alternative would be to create four scenes, each of them saved with increased axes rotation by 90 degrees and with ‘save Camera Location’ > disabled. Prior to placing a component you click the appropriate scene. It’s not ideal but saves some extra work if you need to place many components. You can even create scenes with whatever axes rotation you like.