Is there a way to rotate a DC as soon as its inserted?

Hey there! i was wondering if there may exist some kind of shortkut or secret key to set the position of a DC imported from the personal library, instead of putting them and then rotate them.

I dont know if i am explaining my self.

It seems that a similar request for this components feature was made in 2017 and also in February, but so far this option has not been implemented, if I read correctly.

In this earlier post, some mention the use of extensions.
Maybe these could be useful until they have implement the requested feature?

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I will check the extensions out! thanks!

On some of my components I have placed snaps to orient them to an existing object or surface. One tip is to bring the component into sketchup edit it then save it back the the folder it came from. If you add snaps in the component file they become nested one grouping in to the component.

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