Placing (Rotating) A Component



Is it possible to rotate a component while inserting it into a model. At present I need to insert the component into a model. Then I need to rotate it using the Rotate tool.

Just hoping.


When you bring the component into the model, its axes will be aligned with the model axes. There’s no way to bring it in and manually rotate at the same time. Depending upon what the component is, you could give it gluing attributes so it aligns to a face.

If you are dragging the component in from the Components window, you will have hold of it with the Move tool. After dropping it where you need it, move the cursor to one of the red + symbols and rotate it about its center.

If you use the component frequently and always need to rotate it the same way, change its axes so it just inserts with the proper alignment in the first place.


@wavard, after (temporarily) changing the drawing axes so imported components 'll get alligned to them, save these axes in a new scene. Each time you need these axes again, for whatever reason, hit the scene tab and you’re set to go … (inserting new components alligned to these axes)


To be clear, I was referring to changing the component’s axis alignment to make it easy to insert without rotating it. If the orientation of the component will always be the same in the model, changing its axes once beats changing the model axes every time you need the component.