Great idea to implement in the next SketchUp versions for the rotate tool

Often me and my collegues from university have a hardtime trying to rotate the components in the direction we want, as shown in the video. We use a lot plugins that make copies in random position of the objects. In this case I need to rotate it on kind of 45 degrees. If there was a way to rotate it acording the axes of the screen…
For exemple: Imagine that is a horizontal line always in front of your view. And there is an axes sticked to it. So you can always rotate objects acording to that “view” axes. Are there any plugin that make this?

You can force rotate on axis with the arrow keys.

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With vertex tools you can set the gizmo to be parallel to the current position of the camera, but vertex tools works only with loose geometry, not with groups or components. There’s a plugin called Gizmo that makes a bit easier the task you do on your video, and a s you were told, you can lock the rotation axis, as well as the moving axis using the arrows on your keyboard.