Is there an alternative to Rotate Tool?

Is there an extension that offers another way to rotate other than the rotate tool?

Your question is kind of vague…there are no doubt tools that rotate in specific ways, such as flip or mirror, but what do you have in mind?

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I’m sorry. I’ve just had a heck of a time doing such basic maneuvers. Yes, just flipping or rotating something laying down to standing upright. Or vise versa. I have not been very successful with Sketchup. I’m starting to think we just think differently. I’m in awe of the creations I see.

I have trouble staying properly oriented, too.

Maybe you need to get some instruction. If you are having trouble getting to grips with the native Rotate tool, it’s not likely you’ll have better luck with a plugin.

Well, you’re probably right. I was hoping there would be something just to say flip L or R or Up or Down. All I have been trying to create is a simple picture frame, but I have specific ideas of how I’d like it to work… and it’s not. I found a dynamic component that was almost perfect, but it had square instead of mitered corners.

I sent you a PM.

Hi Fidellaty

There are two basic tools that you can use to orientate your components excluding the rotate tool.

  1. Move Tool.

Select Move Tool > Hover over the Component > Select Handle > Rotate


Select Component > Edit > Component >Flip Along > Select Axis

3: Scale tool - drag a handle in the direction you want to flip the selection and type in “-1”
(If you hold [Ctrl] and click somewhere, then type in “-1” it will flip about the mid-point of the selection)

(BTW 2: you can access the same commands from the r-click menu)

As it turns out, for the task at hand, the OP doesn’t need either the Rotate tool or Flip Along to get done what needs doing. An entirely different approach gets it done.

[quote=“fidellaty, post:3, topic:26093”]
… I have trouble staying properly oriented, too.
[/quote] Use one of the standard templates that displays the horizon and enable displaying the three axes. Stay modeling near the origin. Then play with orbiting and panning to see how SketchUp’s viewport changes. Do all this with ‘Perspective’ mode on, not in ‘Parallel’ view! That’s how you look at the real world too, in perspective.
Start with the ‘Line’ tool to draw some edges and see how they connect.

But most importantly, stay away from plugins for the first few days or even weeks till you get all the basics of how SketchUp works. And find>watch a lot of tutorial videos demonstrating these simple actions. It will be a time saver in the end.

p.s. the rotate tool can be dragged (after the first click, while holding down the Left mouse button) to determine the axis of rotation : thus select geometry > click center of rotation > drag (see axis of rotation) and release mouse button > click starting point of rotation > click target point of rotation > (and if wanted, to override the amount of rotation, type value and hit [Enter] )

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Thank you DaveR! Your tutorial was just what I needed.

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Such a helpful community! Thank you everyone for your tips and suggestions. Have a great day!