Well... I'm stuck - How to place multiple copies of a component?

Ok, so I have been tasked with inserting a large amount of trees into a 3D campus model. I’m lost at what exactly I have to do, I have tried to load in a predetermined tree and it came in sideways. besides that I’m also looking to find out how to create multiple points where I can place these said trees at once. So basically I need to load a component multiple times in different places at once. thanks to whoever helps


What do you mean by sideways. Can you show at least a screen shot of what you are seeing?

How have you defined the locations for the tree component? If the component has its origin and axes located correctly, you could use an extension by ThomThom called Repeat Place Component to make it quick and easy to repeatedly place instances of the component at the desired locations.


So this is what happens when I import the tree in

Some trees have locations but no points to place them on

Looks like maybe the model axes have been rotated away from their default orientation. Right click on one of the axis lines and click on Reset. Does that fix the tree import issue?

Here’s the extension in action.

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Ok, so I opened the file that had tree and this is what it looks like for some reason

like i can reset but why is it like this

fixed it now all i need to do is plant a metric ton of them

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I don’t know why it is like that. It would likely have been something the author did. The solid blue axis should be pointing up through the top of the tree. The red and green you’ll want horizontally and at the origin at the bottom of the trunk.

Use that extension I mentioned.

I believe they were trying to put the axis on the tree but that doesn’t explain why it would be so… tilted
downloading the extension now

There’s no accounting for some people. :smiley: Good luck.

Hi @HDenny - Check out our video lesson on working with tree components. Let me know if you have any questions: https://learn.sketchup.com/course/working-vegetation/placing-vegetation-components-exercise

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just realized that the whole model is a grid of components and groups. mistakenly copied a grid quadrant

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“CompoSpray” might be worth a look too, it’s similar to “Skatter” but free. But Skatter might be worth looking into for this if you’re looking for a “one click” solution.

FYI, I edited the topic title to add “- How to place multiple copies of a component?” in order to make the topic a bit more easy to recognize and find in the future. I hope you don’t mind, @HDenny !


You may also want to search for a video from SU on youtube regarding proxy components if your using a heavy tree.

So I’m back, after looking around a bit I have come back with a better idea of what I’m supposed to do. Basically my task is to precisely plot the trees to designated areas. From what one of m higher ups have told me, there are already points for where these trees go. Its now back to what tool or extension (if needed) would allow me to use those points to place the trees all at once.

JHS PowerBar (SU2017)


This… this just might work. I’ll give it a try

Blockquotethere are already points for where these trees go.

What source are the trees coming from if they are already plotted? If from CAD or program that can save as DWG or DXF, then easiest way is to just replace 2D CAD block with 3D SU tree component.