Multiple problems - 2D component

OK, so I made a 2D tree component and I am having several issues with it. First of all, I want it to be a face me component, and I want the pivot point to be right in the middle of the trunk. However, as you can see, the origin point is off to the side. So I need to find out how to change that, any help is appreciated.

Also, you will notice that the shadow is way out of whack, not even touching the component. Any idea what’s going on with the shadow to make it act like that?

Open the Component for editing.
Right context click on the Component Axes > Place
Place the axes origin where you want.
Then exit the Component editing context and click yes to the question…

Sharing the file would help us help you with that.

There is a Skill Builder video on this topic, if you like the moving-picture kind of help!

Some 8 years ago I made a small SketchUp model tutorial to describe the process.
making_a_man.skp (164.6 KB)