Birnam woods?

I loaded some maple trees from Gabriel Felin into a model. But they are moving when I rotate the view. Why is that so and how can I fix them to the position of their stem?

If it is a 2D face me component, go into the Components panel to find the tree, right-click and choose Properties. Uncheck the box that says Always face the camera.

thank you Colin. Is it “attributes” in my German system? That tells me that the component rotates around the blue axis - is it that? I cannot change that though.
But I am familiar with 2D face me components. It is good that the component rotates, but I am wondering why this one seems to rotate around the left edge which positions the stem, which is in the middle of the tree, far away from its origins with every new view. This way the stem of the tree is next to the road and rotating the view it is on the road. Can I change that?

I understand. Double-click to get into the tree, then move its geometry so that the bottom of the stem is at the origin. Or use the Axes tool to place the origin for the component to be at the bottom of the stem.


yap - that is it. Great, thank you! I still have to find out which way to rotate red and green, but try and error will get me there - thank you!

… so easy in fact. Thanks!

Or right click on the component and choose Change Axes and set the axis to the stem.

If you stop them from moving they will never reach Dunsinane.

:wink: the prophecy nevertheless comes true and Scotland will be freed