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Hi All,

Ive created a techincal drawing in skecthup and would like to scale it to size in Layout. Im successful in doing this but struggling to draw a titlebox in layout to present my Uni work.

On a black document in layout I cant find the ruler to get me 1cm from the edge of the page around all 4 sides. The ruler tends to give me several end points as to what 1cm is - am i meant to be using linear dimension as a ruler?

There isn’t really a ruler for that. You can set up the page border to be 1 cm wide and make sure Snap to grid is turned on. In File>Document Setup>Grid, adjust the grid spacing as needed This will aid you in drawing the box for your title block where you want it to be.

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Thank you! im not with my laptop at the moment but will try this

before hand - my measurements seem to be in inches - how can I chnage this to cm?

File>Document Setup>Units will set units for paper space measurements.

Thank you! Much easier to get the dimensions right.

For some reason though my line tool won’t end on the bottom grid where the 1cm mark is and is drawing at the point just above or below it.

Is there one last thing I’m doing wrong for this?

How wide are the page borders set?

I’m not sure…where do I find this? sorry but home learning is taking it’s toll on me!

File>Document Setup>Paper.

It says they are all 1cm wide - oh I unchecked margins!! Thank you for leading me here!!

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Did that help?

It’s 2mm bigger at the bottom but at this point it’s the closest I’m getting lol

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Since the grid starts at the top-left corner of the paper, it may not be aligned the way you want at the bottom of the paper.

Since you know the size of the page, and you can successfully snap to a point that’s 1cm from the top-left corner of the page, I would use the rectangle tool to create the bounding box.

  1. Switch to the rectangle tool.
  2. Start creating a rectangle where the grid begins at the top-left corner of the paper.
  3. Type in the size of the rectangle to create. (Height and Width of the Paper, minus 2cm each).

We did it a little differently to fix the existing border but that’s a better idea, Marc. :+1:


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