Paper size indicator & autotext tag


I generally work on A3 paper size but there are times when I need to use different paper sizes. I would find it very helpful to have an indicator somewhere in the LO screen telling you what paper size you were looking at. Or maybe there is a cunning way of displaying it that I have not yet found?

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You could add a bit of text outside the paper space in your template to show you the paper size. Put it on a shared layer so it shows on every page. Lock that layer so the text doesn’t inadvertently get moved into the paper space or edited.

Since it is outside the paper space, it won’t show in prints or presentations.

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Hadn’t thought of that but yes, an excellent suggestion. I will implement it immediately!


You could have all sorts of stuff outside the paper space in your template. Other info useful only to you, line styles and other styled entities that you can quickly sample to modify text or dashed lines or whatever.

Normally this kind of label goes on the statusbar, but SketchUp applications seem to use this as a “helpbar”.

What would be good is if there was an <PaperSize> auto-text tag, that one could use rather than a manually edited tag.

Thats a really good idea Dave. Kinda like a scrap book for the real essential things. I will play with this idea.

However it would be nice to have some form of “auto text” feature that picks up the sheet size, kind of like what the dates do. Not crucial with title block templates, but handy none the less.

My paper size is saved at Arch D (36" x 24"). At times, drawings are printed 8.5 x 11 (inches), as a result the drawings are NOT to scale. If auto-text for scale is implemented or has been implemented, it might be good to indicate that the drawing is actually “at scale if printed at intended paper size”.