A field for scale that updates live

Hey Guys,

Does anyone know how to make a text field that responds to the scale in “SketchUp model” window, such that when we change the scale, the field for scale responds and indicates the relevant scale on the page?

This I would envisage would work along the same line as when you place as a field which auto-fills with the linked name of the page. This is typically done in document setup, but at the moment there are no auto text tags for functions like scale.

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I really like that idea, but there should be a way to link that field to a viewport in question. Because f.e I have a drawing that have several viewport overlapping, but one of them is scaled and would love to have that viewport coupled to that (scale)text field.

Actualy what I really like is;
a textfield wich you can couple/connect to a viewport and then a popup will let you choose what metadata or variable, wil showup in that field, and of course set a unit type en unit converter like m <> mm.
I have many uses for that, even the way to have that field outside the paper view to have the info directly at hand.

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That makes a bunch of sense.

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I agree, I found this topic when searching to see if there was something like this that existed. Haven’t found anything yet, but boy would it save some time!