Does anyone use paper space dimensions?

Hi everybody, I’ve been using Sketchup Make almost since it’s inception. I’ve never really taken the time to play with Layout much until the 2017 version which I have for another week or so.

I don’t understand the purpose of a paper space dimension, does anyone use this feature? To me it’s more of a hinderance, it seems to me it would be useful if the layout page would adopt whatever scale the SU model on that page is using.

What am I missing?

Sometimes I use paper space dimensions.

LayOut’s dimension tool will automatically pick up the dimensions from the SketchUp model if you are dimensioning to the model. If you want to dimension non SketchUp entities to match the scale you’ve set for a viewport, you can set that scale in the Dimension Styles window. If you always want to dimension to that scale, make a template with the dimensions set up that way.

That’s it! Thank you DaveR!

I didn’t know why the scale drop down was grayed out until I clicked on the auto scale button. (I didn’t realize it was a toggle button)