Layout paper space driving me nuts


Hello all,

I know i am doing something wrong. Everytime i send a file to layout it will never measure model space. Always paper space.

normally i can somehow correct it but this morning nothing i can do to get the thing to measure model space. Last night yes, today, no.

anyhoo, i have saved templates bla bla bla, and it will never measure as i need it. The only way i can every get it to work is to make an new page and drag the file to it,

can someone point me to an article or please explain how to make layout use model space, I normally work in 1/4 or 1/2= 1 foot.

Is there a way to never have paper space ever appear again? Also, what is paper space ever used for? I can never think of why i would need to measure anything but the model.



Maybe this can help?

  1. Select the dimension tool.
  2. Make your dimension style choices in the Dimension Style tray.
  3. Click FILE / SAVE before making a dimension. This will save your selections as a default for the document.
  4. When dimensioning, turn off the layer with Layout lines, hatches etc, so the dimension tool only selects points on your model.
  5. Auto-scale should work if you turn off your graphics and use only the model viewports.


Nope, still a headache and useless.

I have fiddled with the and still no luck, i have a simple box 12x12x3 and not one measurement will make sense. I measure 12 inch in sketchup but it will not measure 12 inch in layout, one dimension is 9 and one 10. Why?, maybe someone can fix my file and i will download it back and save it as a template? 12x12 box.layout (75.0 KB)

also, is there any time anyone would ever measure paper space on purpose?


here is another bug???

When i import my next item to page two in layout, it constantly jumps to the corner of the viewport if touched in any way.

I have tried it 10 times, this is the first time i have had this problem and i am sure it is something i am doing, but i can not imagine how many years it takes to discover all of the nuances in this program



What are you showing here, what’s the issue you’re raising?