Copy and paste dimensions paper space


I have multiple layout files that need to be in the same file for printing to PDF.

I drag my cursor, copy and paste to a new page in the main document. Everything works but my dimensions go from model to paper space. as in 10’ becomes ~1".

I am sure I am missing something???


What version of SketchUp and LayOut are you using? Please complete your profile.

I just did a test in LO2020 and the dimensions that are linked to the model in Document A are still linked when pasted into Document B. Is it possible the dimensions are linked to something you aren’t copying over? Maybe they are linked to content on a hidden or locked layer?

Regarding chris989604’s copy difficulty - I am having similar undesired results doing construction drawings. Using Layout 2020. I have multiple pages in one LO file. Two of the pages have the same Skup scene both scaled to 3/8. Each page has one viewport (VP). Sketchup Model Inspector verifies I’m looking at the same scene in each VP. Dimensions on page 1 are in model space on Annotations Layer. When I copy / paste to Annotations Layer of page 2 the dimensions go into paper space scale.

Dave R, does how I am copying match what your did for your test ?

I copied and pasted both the viewport and the dimensions at the same time. If you are copying only the dimensions and pasting them, I wouldn’t be surprised that they aren’t anchored on the model. To do what you are talking about, though, another option would be to duplicate the entire page which will get you the viewport and the dimensions and the dimensions would be anchored to the model like they in the method I used.

Stuck in my paradigm. Thanks for the widened perspective, Dave

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