SOLVED - Creating border an equal distance from page edge?


Sorry to bother you all about this.

I’ve been using SU quite a bit recently (commercially) and thought I should try Layout again, normally I share concepts via exported images or videos.

Something that I’m stumped with is how to re-create my current AutoCAD page templates, just to keep my PDF’s consistent. It seems impossible to have a border 10mm away from the page edge, I have tried margins and snapping to them, but the app doesn’t seem able. I was hoping not to have to do it ‘by eye’ if at all possible, it would have at least been ideal to ‘snap’ to the page corners and draw a rectangle, then do a 10mm offset. Drawing a rectangle of the page size is a sort of solution, though it means I would need to approximately line it up with the page edges before offsetting.

Look forward to any comments.



I do it by first setting page borders in Document SetUp and then making sure grid snapping is enabled.

You could also figure out what the dimensions of the rectangle need to be for the border based on the page size and border width and type the dimensions in. So for A4 paper:

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Thank you for such an incredibly quick response Dave, very much appreciated.

I did try using a grid, but…and this is petty, the grid didn’t line up. I suppose I could make a 1mm grid. Food for thought, I’m going to try now. Thank you :+1:

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See my edit, above.

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You could do temporarily.

Thank you, I did try that but it still seems approximate surely, as the grid doesn’t align (foregone conclusion of course)

I did tinker with the grid, but a 10mm grid doesn’t work in places. I’m going to try for the 1mm grid and go from there.

Thank you again Dave, very much appreciated.

It’s a slightly peculiar way to do it, but that 1mm grid seems to do the trick as practically as possible. Thank you again Dave for giving my brain a nudge.

Have you set the border width at 10mm?
Screenshot - 10_11_2020 , 2_43_42 PM

What size paper?

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Yes I did, page size is A3, but I’ll have to do it for A2 and A1 as well.

Once the grid is 1mm and the border set, I can happily change it back to 10mm for setting out convenience - though of course once I’ve set the border, I then have something I can offset from and keep everything consistent.

If you need me to I’ll make you some.

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Very kind of you Dave, but I’m good now, thank you :clap: :clap:

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Perhaps I’m oversimplifying things, but as you know the page size draw a rectangle that size less the borders and center it to the page.

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I’ve just found the align option, that certainly would have worked too, thank you.