Layout to PDF export , outline offset issue

Hello together.
I have Problems with the PDF export out of Layout.
The viewports looks fine ind Layout, but when i export them to PDF,
the outlines offset from the actual object.

Do you have any idea?

Greetings Niels

Usually that happens when the model is placed at a long distance from the origin. How far is the cabinet from the real origin in the model?

Thank you for the fast reply!
It was about 52 m.
I mean if some people use sketch up for architectual drawings,
that s not really far is it ?

52 m isn’t that far if the entire model is large but if it’s only that cabinet, 52 meters from the origin is a large distance. It’s a relative thing.

When you say origin, it s X: 0, Y:0, Z:0 right ?

Yes. It’s the place where the axes cross when in their default location.

So when also sometimes the measurements go missing, as shown on the picture, it s the same Problem ?

That’s more likely to be something else but it could be related. Share the LayOut file so we can see what you’ve got set up.

Those aren’t good places to put dimensions anyway.

Büro!.skp (3.5 MB)

Your dimensions don’t disappear for me. That makes me wonder about your graphics card. What is the graphics card?

You really shouldn’t have your model strung out down the red axis as you do. There’s no need for it and it makes your workflow less efficient. With proper tag usage and scenes, you can create nearly all of what you need to show with the model right at the origin. You need to set up scenes in the model before you are ready for LayOut anyway.

It would be a good idea to purge unused stuff from your model once in awhile.
Screenshot - 4_12_2024 , 8_27_30 AM

Again thank you for your instant replys!
The measurements also just disappear through export into PDF.
While using sketch up everything is fine.

My graphics card : AMD fire pro m5100 fire gl
bit older.

Yes my drawings are a bit messy still. Im working on my flow.

Do your dimensioning in LayOut instead of SketchUp.

Put that in your profile please.

I’ll see if I can rework your model so it makes sense and is easy to work with.

I sent you a PM with a revised SkethUp model and a LayOut file made from it. Take a look. Hopefully they’ll give you some ideas.

Thank you so much !

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