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Hi from Sweden!
I need some help. I work with drawing houses to customers and it’s going just fine. The problem is when I’m drawing where the house or building is placed on the property/site. So in Sweden we have a website where we can download a scaled pdf with (site boundary?) However… When I download the pdf to A3 or A4 scale, and then convert it to png-file it’s rezising when I insert it to Layout, and I have to drag in the corners to make it bigger. But to drag it in the corners won’t make it as accurate as I want, and is also time demanding. Do anyone have a simple sollution?

At what resolution are you making the .png?

You should be able to snap the image to the top left corner of the page (or to the margin if you want) and then drag the lower right corner to the opposite corner of the page. Holding Shift while you do that will maintain the aspect ratio of the image.

Alright, but the problem is often that I want to insert a picture in A4-size to an A3-paper in layout because I have some information printed on my template.

Draw a rectangle that is 297mm by 210mm (the size of an A4 sheet. Snap the corners of the image to that rectangle. If you put the rectangle ona separate layer you can hide the image after importing it and delete the rectangle.

Wow that’s smart. Gonna try that out. Thanks man!

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Good luck. I was off making an example for you and since I made it, I’ll go ahead and post it.

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Almost embarrassed I didn’t think of that.
This helped me alot. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Fwiw. if you drag a corner and let go of the mouse you can than just enter the dimensions (with units) separated with a “;” or “,” and hit Enter.
Eg. 297mm;210mm
Works like scaling in SketchUp