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Hey Sketchupers,
Im trying to import 3 png files as pictures. Each file is a floor plan of a different building floor level. The 3 png files all have the same size. (3508*2480 pixels). They mach exactly over each over. Walls stand exactly over each other. Why is it while importing one png after the other that each of the imported png-files get another size in sketchup. One has another width / heigt than the other even though the files have the same pixel size. So i have to scale each imported file manually. :wink:
Isnt it possible to get them imported in the same size?
Thank you for your help?

It’s possible. How depends on the version of SketchUp you are using. What version of SketchUp do you have? Please complete your profile.

I am a Sketchup Pro user and am using Sketchup 2018. Hoping for the new version 2019 coming soon.

Please update your profile to show the SketchUp version and license type.

As for inserting your images, if they should all be the same size, you can set out crossing guidelines to use as references for diagonally opposed corners. Then import the images one at a time using the intersections.

Alternatively you could draw an appropriately sized rectangle and use its corners or you could import the images as textures and either apply them to the correctly sized rectangle or you could edit their dimension in the Materials panel.

Hey DaveR,
i am working with architect plans aut of pdf mostly from A0 or A1 Format. As windows7 user i unfortunately cannot import pdf files directly. Because of that i have to make screenshots of every Floorlevel. Open with gimp in different layers. Move the layers over each other so that the walls of each floor level stand “almost” exacltly over each other. Then snip the canvas so that each layer has the same size. Then export each layer to pdf- files. Then export pdf-files to png. Then import png into skechup and laying each of them in different sketchuplayers. Using 2 further softwares to get, not yet exactly and sized nogoodquality floorplans into sketchup. What a torture. :frowning:
Thank you for your answer. I now use your mentioned method of spaning a rectangle around the first in skechup imported png-file: First drawing a line over a measure in the florplan. Making a group of both and then skale the group to the right size. Then drawing your rectangle over the scaled pictuer and afterwards i resize every new floorplan to the size of this rectangle. Puh!
and what do I when a florplan gets an actualization of the architect. The same procedure again.

OK. My motto is still: Dont worry be happy
Thank your for your help

If the PDFs you are getting contain vector line work, you could open the PDFs in something like Inkscape and export DXF files to import into SketchUp.

Obligatory response of Macs import pdf, because they’ve been doing PostScript then PDF natively since October 12, 1988, 30 years ago. Sigh…


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