Layout Printing larger scaled drawings

In Layout is there an option to print scaled drawings that are larger than 11x17.

You can create your document on any paper size. Choose a larger paper size in Document Setup>Paper.

You can select templates for larger sheets of paper or you can create your own with your titleblock

Thanks Mike and Dave for your response.

Should adjusting the paper size work using a Titleblock or Template. So far when I try both the scaling does not work for the titleblock.

Also when I convert the page to 34"x22" and what to create a PDF using a 11x17 so far I am unable to get the 34"x22" page to fit into the printed version. ( hope that makes sense). I am not seeing a “fit to page” icon when I convert to PDF for printing.

From you attached screen shot Dave I am not seeing the labeled paper or titleblocks with there paper sizes.

No. It’s not supposed to adjust the content on the page. Only the paper size.

I don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish.

I don’t know what you are looking at where you expect to see that.

The titleblock templates are intended only as examples and starting points for your own templates. You should start with the desired paper size. If you want ANSI D paper, select that. Then add your title block, page borders, and other content as desired. Or you can start with an existing titleblock template, choose the ANSI D paper size and edit the content to fit the page. Either way, after you’ve created the new template at the desired size, use File>Save as Template to save it for use in your projects.

When you create documents using that template and export them to PDF, the PDF will print at full size on the paper you chose in Document Setup>Paper.

I think he want 22"x34" sheets that he can scale down to 11"x17" when he prints because he want half size prints.
22x34 titleblock.layout (37.2 KB)

Watch the video to create your own or use the attached 22’x34" layout file and modify with your titleblock. you should be able to scale this down to an 11"x17" print file depending on your pdf print driver.

Export to PDF in LO only exports to the paper size you have setup. If you want to scale them / print smaller I would just create them at the proper size, but if you must - export first from LO then open the PDF with a PDF reader or app, then ‘Print to PDF…’ and you should be able to select paper size and / or scale.

Most PDF viewers have a “scale to fit” function for use when printing to paper.

For sure, but we used to print 24x36 for the clients / architects / engineers and we would print 50% to 12x18 for the shop reference set - sometimes printing on a smaller sheet but to a specific percentage is required.

thanks for the responses everyone very helpful have a good evening