Construction Permit Size Print


Hi all

I have been using layout for few months now but I havent been able to create any document
larger than Tabloid Size on scale.

Since I can scale stuff very large size, I am pretty sure there gotta be a template that allows me to do so, but could not find that option yet,

Please advise.

Blueprints for Building Department permits

Open Layout then click:
File>Document Setup>Paper
then click the arrow next to the paper size window and you should see all of the paper sizes that are available in Layout. There are more than you would ever need. Does this help?


And if the paper size you need isn’t on the list you can define your own.

What are you using to print your drawings? The usual method when working with print service providers is to send them your drawings as PDF files. The printer should see to that no “scale to fit” settings are in use, as this will distort the scale.