Tips for modeling a fluid wall like this?

Tips or tricks? Anyone done something like this before in Sketchup or am I better off using a different program? example here

It could be modeled in SketchUp but it would result in a lot of geometry that could cause a big performance hit. Modeling it in another program could also be done but if you import it into SketchUp, you still wind up with a lot of geometry.

How will you use it once it’s modeled? Maybe a texture would work instead.

If I were going to model something like that wall, I’d probably use ClothWorks to do it.

It’s for a rendering. It needs to look as realistic as possible - i don’t think a texture would capture the light and color and shapes.

With Curve Maker Bezier Spline and Curviloft

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You show the Bezier Spline toolset which is a good option. I don’t see any use of Curve Maker.

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Today I was working with Curve Maker and it stuck in my mind

Thanks, Dave, for correcting me!

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You can perfectly do the same with the ‘Sandbox’ tools