Tiniest Quality of Life-Improvement Suggestion for Layout 2024

Hi Sketchup-Team,

may I suggest three rather simple quality of life improvements for Layout that would make my day?

  1. Add that search field in the tag browser. This would not only make hiding / showing tags more convenient, I find myself actually searching for this field like once every 2 days before realizing: right - I am in Layout not Sketchup. That’s because the rest of the functionality is very similar and I assume that “I just don’t see it”.

  2. When clicking on the eye symbol next to a tag in a long list to make it visible/invisible the tag-tree always jumps back to the top of the list. That makes it (together with the missing search bar) really tricky to hide / show tags because one has to scroll down again to find the position in the tree. Might be a Mac thing, but it’s super annoying.

  3. For bonus points: I think we all can agree that the tool bar of Layout isn’t what one would call “over-crowded”. Consider lifting the “add measure to angle” tool out of the dropdown of the “measure linear” tool. It’s always annoying to switch back and forth between these two. There is enough space for two tools.

Other folks out there, that might find this useful?

Happy Layouting, everybody!


You can definitely change the toolbar and have both side by side on a PC :+1:

Not sure about a mac.

  1. Yesx2!!
  2. Yesx3000!!
  3. Keyboard shortcuts eliminate probing for icons. Assign all tools to your left hand on the keyboard. Add combo’s with shift/control/option/command. Set yourself free from the click fest.

Bonus 4. Give us access to the Outliner in the Sketchup Panel in Layout.

On Mac that does not appear to be possible. Good to know, that it works on Windows. Hope for us Mac users then! :slight_smile:

you can change the topbar on a mac. weirdly enough however, you can only add the stacks of tools, not the individual tool itself. so… in the end, yeah, no. can’t have both side by side.

I very much gave up on that. Actually - back in the days - I did a lot more model organizing in the outliner because it made a lot of sense to me and only very thematically structured the model with layers. Ever since Layout became “usable” - alas with tag support only - I’ve been doing this double-naming thing. The outliner already knows what part is what but I add a tag to the group to be able to hide it in a layout… It feels moronic but I doubt it will ever change.

Keybord shortcuts? I am the freaking keybord-shortcut master! So yes - that is my solution to the problem at the moment as well. :slight_smile:

I don’t want the outliner for its object naming. I want it so I can access section cuts and change them in Layout instead of in Sketchup. Will relegate scenes to only those needed. Standard view scenes would solve 80% of the elevation/section needs

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Is that jumpy behavior in the tag window that I descriped in 2) also a Mac-only thing, or does Layout have the same problem in Windows?

it jumps. not all the way up, but up.

@ateliernab @napperkt

How strange.

This is what you see when you customize the toolbar on a PC - I feel a feature request coming on.

That’s a bit better. :slight_smile: As said - these where suggestions. You know. In case the Layout Team runs out of ideas what to do. :sweat_smile: Or is looking for something easy to fix as they are taking a break from the new engine…

Bit confused – has the jumpy Tag inspector behaviour be determined for Windows or not in the thread?

On my Windows I don’t experience the jumpy behaviour.


I don’t get the jumpy tag thing in Layout on the Mac, but it’s insanely annoying in SketchUp that invisible tags drop to the bottom of the list when you just want to turn one off and straight back on again.

Are you sorting alphabetically or by visibility? It changes how the list is presented when you change visibility.

Well blow me down…
they are listed alphabetically, but were obviously being sorted by visibility hence dropping to the bottom when turned off. I didn’t know that was a thing!

I love it when there’s a simple answer and you learn something. Thank you!

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@PaulMcAlenan How do you get toggles inside your tags?

The toggles? From the Tag folders?

Yes, that.

I work with Sketchup for quite a long while already and consider myself quite proficient, but never came across tag folders.

And now I see it. Wow, what a revelation.