Outliner in Layout

I am working on a template right now and have one need.

see this thread…Outliner for Layout

Im trying to automate the drawing process from Sketchup to Layout and the only thing that occurs to me is that I need 45 scenes to cover all the options that I might have to show on any given project. Not important so much what I am drawing or why 45 scenes. Just know that is a LOT of scenes.

In playing around with this, I have discovered that for a large majority of scenes I have to have a section cut. The fastest way to do this is pick the native elevation view of my model and then go to outliner and pick the section cut that I already placed. Double click it and now I have my scene set. Rinse and repeat for all 45 scenes.

As I have been reminded on numerous occasions, when in Layout, I have a lot more control of line weights by tag so that now I don’t need numerous stacked viewports to get the line weights I want. But then I was sitting there wondering, Why can’t I control the section cuts as well?

It would so great to be able to set up the basic native elevations of any model in Sketchup as scenes and then go straight to Layout and have control of all of the elements as they occur in Sketchup in the Outliner…the Outliner Panel. I could have a viewport activated and pick the tags, set the line weights, establish the section cut I want to see, and even turn off one particular object that is the way of another object I need to see in the view.

Additionally, what would really bake my noodle would be the ability to assign Styles to particular tags in Layout…but that might be adding too much to the fire right now.