Managing Section Cuts in Sketchup iOS

I found threads discussing managing your scene cuts in outline view on the PC version of sketchup. I can’t figure out how to do this on the iOS version though. Is this possible?


You can edit scene order using the scenes tab, but that’s about it. The outliner does not contain scene information, so no editing from there.

Ok, thank you.

What are best practices for managing scene cuts then?

What exactly are you thinking of regarding managing scene cuts? What are scene cuts?

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what are you calling scene cuts exactly ?

the cinematic thing, moving from one scene to another ? or the section tool, the fact of slicing in your model to see a section or a plan ?
(if it’s the section thing, then yes, the section planes should appear in the outliner)

Sorry, I was using the wrong terminology. Section cuts :slight_smile:

When I create them in SketchUp iOS, I can’t find them in the outliner.

Aaahhh… yes, section cuts are something that do show up in Outliner. And you can enable, hide, and remove them from there.

Hmmm … surprised me. I’m not seeing them either.

You can make a section, but iPad doesn’t force you to pick a name like desktop. In entity info, you can go ahead and give it a name and symbol, but it still doesn’t appear in the outliner. @MikeTadros ?

Yep, this is the behavior that I see as well.

Simple file created on iPad and as seen on Desktop. I created a group from section which does show up in outliner.

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Good work around! I would probably want to group them anyways. I’ll try and report back :slight_smile:

So unfortunately when I try to create a group with 2 named section cuts, they disappear after grouped (don’t show up in the outliner hierarchy under the group, and the cuts get deactivated / don’t show up in the main view anymore).

I suspect it’s just lack of parity with the desktop version, but Mike would be the one to know.

It’s useful to have them in the outliner, so it would be good to implement.


yeah, probably that, it’s quite useful when you have several to be able to select one and not the others, especially if you name them :slight_smile:

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Before I forget about this…do I need to file a bug report or feature request somewhere?


This is certainly a good place, and @MikeTadros is the best person to address it.

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True, true, and thanks for the ping.
In fact I do have a ticket for this filed in an old ‘Desktop Parity’ backlog.
I appreciate the questions and the discussion here and will add this feedback to the ticket.


Thanks everyone for the help. Love the iOS app!

Exactly, and even more so when, as I often have, two sections in exactly the same plane, but one looks one way and the other in the opposite direction. They’re really hard to pick apart in the drawing window, but no problem in the outliner.