Outliner in Layout

Could you expand a bit on your workflow? Do you start with LO and then do some work in SU?

well I certainly agree it would be cool to choose a preset section for the viewport, overriding the “section” settings for the viewport. I already try to use just one scene for all my elevations. I know I will have the same set of active tags on all my elevations, and I just override camera settings and choose “left-right-back-front” for my different elevations if its a rectangular building.

If I later add a tag to the model, and dont want that to show on the facades, I can update the one scene only once for that change.

That does not work if I have terrain on those elevation drawings, cause I would need a separate section cut of the terrain for each elevation, so in those cases I set up a scene for each facade.

Technically I start Layout first, yes.

I have a detailed Layout template that has all the possible scenarios for page layouts. These are linked to the Sketchup Model template and a set of rooms that have all the possible layouts I can see in any one job. I have a list of rooms to model so I choose all the pages in Layout that I need and rename them all. Then I delete all the pages I don’t need. Hit save.

After that I go to Sketchup and pick all the rooms that link to the page layouts I chose. I delete all the rest. At this point Im ready to start modeling. I have a fairly extensive modeling library I work with and using those components and Curic stretch, I can run thru all the rooms and model everything and get the rooms to match the site dimensions within a day. Hit save…a few times.

Go back to Layout and update one of the viewports and, bob’s your uncle, all the page layouts are filled in. Line weights are right. Just have to mask for section cuts. Then it’s all about dims and notes and working on details (which are handled with scrapbooks and custom models where needed).

Thanks for the run through. I try to understand how others work, always pick up some ideas.

I looked at your website. You turn out some tidy well done and understandable work.

Good to hear. Thanks for the compliment!

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