If (SU2024) the next update had only one thing new/fixed about it, what would you want?

If 2024 only gave us one feature, improvement, or big fix, what would it be?

Mine at this point would be to seamlessly import previously installed extensions, the tool layout, shortcuts, templates, scrapbooks, preferences and ect when installing the new version instead of having to set it all up from scratch. (Maybe some preferences are retained and I’m just an ignoramus, have mercy on me.)



To purchase outright!


Fat Faces

A licensing system that just works.



Radial/Diameter tools in Layout


It was an experimental feature the SketchUp team demoed on a video taken at the first SketchUp Bootcamp. Faces with thickness.

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This sort of workaround would not be needed. A fenetre (window) component would then cut to two faces, the outer one and the second on inside. (here yellow and transparent painted).

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Exporting from Layout to DWG with all the tags as layers of the sketchup model.


I tried 2023 for about 15mins before I gave it the boot and went back to 22. Since then this forum has regularly been peppered with “what happened to…?” Or “why doesn’t this work anymore” type posts.
What I’d like is for a version that works.


I would like being able to use diameters in supplement to radiuses when creating circles by using a d as a suffix for the number entered in the Dimension Window. Once that is done, the tool would be set as default. Using r after a number would return the default to radiuses.

With the Arc tool, I would like to be able to also use d as a suffix. The tool would then behave like that:

  • with no suffix or b suffix: use the value as the bulge

  • with r as suffix: use the value as a radius

  • with d as suffix: use the value as a diameter

The first two are as it is now and the third one would be an added feature.

None of these need to be setting the default.

However, adding the use of a modifier key to tell SU to use this as the new default could be nice to have. Maybe implementing this same idea for the circle could also be nice.


Dwg export with:

  • Origo preserved
  • Tags to layers
  • Components to blocks, either from sketchup or Layout.
  • From Layout: get the same geometri accuracy as from a sketchup export.
  • export prefs, including save location, to be stored to scene, so that we get one click export
  • export palette, so we can set up batch export, which scenes to export to which format to what location…

Links palette in SU to manage the links, also from locally stored files, saving the import prefs.

  • Use of .trb format to import ifc´s, so we get tags in our ifc imports/links.
  • Import prefs that include cleanUp (ThomThom to go native)
  • Import prefs to include purge ifc file colors.


  • proper inference locking like it works in sketchup, not the way its now, where its not really locking.
  • inference mess to be cleaned up

OK this is not one thing, so I better stop.


Fix the printer interface so that the scene that is prepared is actually the scene that gets printed. The desktop app has always zoomed out unpredictably. Been waiting 10+ years for a decent printer interface… Pro online had a decent printer until the last update, but now the online printer glitches every scene into a grid.


This is what I would like:

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SketchUp and LayOut combined into one single package; as per every other serious CAD/Modelling software package on the market.

The fact that this still hasn’t been remedied, and some will still defend this utter madness, is simply astonishing.


Oh, and get rid of Tags, forever.

It’s of course going to happen at some point in the future, so why not admit the folly now, bite the bullet, and get it sorted, Trimble. Easy win, everyone’s happy(ish).

There’s times where I need to edit a drawing, but SU is incapable of doing so. I export the image, open paint.net, edit the image, save it, but when I go to reimport it into SU I have to resize / scale it which involves a bunch of putzing around. I would like SU to do the resize automatically. It could do so if it were able to recognize the dimensions in the edited image.

Why the edit you may ask? Neither SO to LO deal with pixels, so the need for a different program that can.

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.RFA import!!!

RFA is not a 3D model format. It is a set of instructions for Revit to build a parametric 3D object. That is why you need Revit to read it. The Live Component system would be the SketchUp equivalent.

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Curious…what would replace tags to organize and control the model?


I wonder if @JuJitsoup is coming from Revit. Revit is the only application that I know that has ditched “layers”. Instead it organises models by category (walls, roofs…) and associated filters. A flexible “namespace” instead of tags/layers might be a good idea.

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