Tiles going see through under objects

Hi all,

I’m trying to lay tiles on the floor from 3D Warehouse, but when the tiles go under certain objects they go transparent and flickers as you move. Any idea why and how to stop it? and is there a better option to get more selection of tiles other than under materials?


You have two faces directly st the same location, so SketchUp has no idea about which one to display.

Thanks for reply. What can i do about this?

Put the tiles on top of the floor instead of inside it. Or use a texture instead.

You can also make your tile into a component with the “cut opening” property set. Using a texture is more “economical”.

Ah thanks guys. got it now!

Thanks. I did manage to do it on the texture too but i found it lost the grout lines between tiles and didn’t look right

You just need a better looking tile texture. You can even find tile textures that will render realistically (when you run the model in a rendering software). There are different approaches according to what you are after. For example, considering rendering should you do that down the road, many renderers cannot show the SketchUp edges (that is the typical way they work) and the grout lines would disappear.

Thanks so much, I googled different tile textures and I’ve got it perfect now, was so easy in the end :slight_smile:

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