Hi, I managed to model my bathroom, now I wanted to visualize with Renderin, but for some reason it doesn´t show the lines of tiles (It doesn´t show any lines… I can find out, how to show the in the visualisation, Thanks you very much it is my last task in sketch up :slight_smile:

hello, if they are only lines in sketchup it won’t be rendered. They need to have a different texture and/or depth.
show us images of the tiles in sketchup and the result, it would be helpful

For the texture, make sure the face is properly oriented as it has an impact on renderin

are the tile supposed to be in the middle part where we only see the horizontal lines ?

In any case small details requires more antialiasing, that is something you should be able to adjust in the rendering settings. what if you scale your texture up ?

It looks to me as if your tiles are actually 3D (seeing your SketchUp model would help) but your lighting is extremely flat so you won’t get the shadows you need to show the tiles clearly. This would happen with a photograph taken in a real room if the lighting was the same. You need to set up some sort of raking light across the surfaces to create the shadows in the grout lines. Or you could make the grout a different color than the tiles.

Thanks for you opinions, I do not bother much about 3D structure tiles but I need to see the narrow gaps between the tiles (in this case 90cmx30cm net)-it is plain line so it does’t show. Now I know that it will not render plain line. But how to create white/3D structure tile which will show that the wall is made from tiles? I can´t find anything to download and insert. I tried to insert it as a picture but it does’nt work well

I would try learning how to use artificial lights in RENDERIN.