Thumbs.db Error message when deleting files in windows explorer

Hi All,

I have searched the help files here using “thumbs.db” “error messages” however could not find any people with similar questions.

I am familiar with the “COM Surrogate” which can cause similar issue and know how to fix this problem with the task manager, however I don’t know how to fix this yet.

This is the problem; sometimes when I want to delete a any SU or LO or PDF file in windows explorer, a message pops up like in the attached image. In this image example, I wanted to delete out the LO file which contains an old layout file. Just to make it clear, the file IS NOT open anywhere else that I can see (unless like the COM surrogate issue, it is open somewhere I cannot see).

After part way through writing this message here, I went and tried it again and it did actually delete this time. My Model Library is on a shared server, could this be the reason or part of the reason that might cause a time delay to be able to delete a file?

Attached is the Screenshot.

Any knowledge as to why this happens would be super helpful!!