Error message when sending SU files to Lay Out

I am getting the following error message when sending SU file to LO

It happens with all existing SU files and new files. Just did a test with a new SU file, got the error message.
LO will opened my saved LO files normally.
Of course this happens as I have a deadline to meet today.
Thanks for any offer of a possible solution.

It looks to me as if you’ve set LO to open with a template that doesn’t exist in the location. You should be able to open LO and change that. In the interest of getting going, open LO and use File-Insert to add the SKP file.

Thanks so much Dave. You called it right. In order to get back to work and meet my deadline, I followed your suggestion of inserting the SKP file and right now it is on my screen as I have been wishing for it to be for the last couple of hours.
Obviously I have more to learn with the basic of LO templates setting and importing files. I am still in the discovery stage wishing I could absorb it all at once.
Love it though.

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Did you move or delete the template LO was trying to open with?

there’s lots to learn with LO and lots of capability. If you have problems, don’t struggle with it in silence.

I believe that I deleted it. As a beginner I have been creating templates which became obsolete. I did manage to find their storage file and delete the ones I did not want to keep. I created a couple of new ones which I mean to use, but I lack the skills to create the proper path to import SU file in the one of my choice.
Admittedly, I am still quite confused about LO, having spent little time on it (compared to SU). I am improving my skills in SU though (although there are days where one would really question that). My time in LO is enough to realize the vast possibilities it has to offer, but far too little to even begin some fluency in it.
Would it be ok to write a small list of the most pressing issues which stand in my way to progress and send it to you.
I am off (out of the US) for the next 2 weeks which is why I am scrambling to get a bunch of things done before leaving. It is my firm intent to acquire at least partial mastery of these 2 remarkable programs. I am really enjoying the process in spite of the frustrations.
I use these programs to develop shop drawings for architectural sheet metal projects as well as custom skylight and fenestration fabrication in the NY metro area. I have a small contracting business.
Thanks again for your kindness.

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Hi Vincent-

Glad you got it figured out. I’ll make a note in our system that the error message could be more helpful in this situation - perhaps we can prevent someone else from getting stuck here again.


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