Because Auto-Save and the Problem with Files Tagged as Open Elsewhere

. . . I now have many files that are unnecessary and unwanted. I cannot find an option in Windows 7 or in SketchUp that will allow me to preview them and discard the unwanted ones. Although my files are graphics, Windows Explorer doesn’t show previews.

Can anyone suggest a strategy that would allow me to preview and discard (or move for later examination) the files that are cluttering my folder?

AutoSaved files are simply SKP model files (which are a database that may have an embedded thumbnail image within it.) These files have filenames that are prepended with “AutoSave_”.

In order to view the SKP thumbnails in Windows File Explorer, the model needs to be saved with the thumbnail generation on in it’s ModelInfo dialog.

ModelInfo > File … check the box for “Redefine thumbnail on save”

Then in Windows Explorer, in the display options menu (3rd button from the left on the toolbar,) you must change the setting to “Medium Icons” or larger. (ie, “Large Icons” or "Extra Large Icons".)

If it does not work, you may be using an old SketchUp version that the “ThumbsUp.dll” was bugged.


(In Win7 it was causing the “File In Use By Another Application” error, when double-clicking to open a SKP file.)

You can also use the SketchUp Open File dialog. Open a new instance of SketchUp, click the Open File button. Change the icon display to Extra Large Icons, (from the “View Menu” button, at the right end of the dialog’s toolbar.)

You can even create a sub-folder of whatever name you wish directly from within the File dialog. (It is the toolbar button with the gleaming folder on it.)

Then whichever files you wish to put in the sub-folder, just drag and drop the thumbnail icons.

But again the “ThumbsUp.DLL” SKP/SKB thumbnail handler extension must be working. If you still run v2015,… you could at least install the v2016 Make edition (even if you do not use it,) and it’s fixed thumbnail handler DLL should take over.

Thanks, Dan!

That information helped a lot. I can now view my files in the preview panel before opening in SketchUp.

Could you expand on your statement “In Win7 it was causing the “File in Use by Another Application” error?” I’m running Win 7 and it seems that every time I save a file I get that error when I reopen it. What exactly is it that your are referring to that causes the error?

I expounded quite extensively in one of the many previous topics on this issue. All the discussions finally led Alex (the former manager here,) to post a sticky topic:

… which also led to a Knowledgebase article:
SketchUp Help: Resolving “File currently locked by another user” error

Thanks, again, Dan!

I think I have it resolved now.