Thumbnail in component window download

I use Sketchup Make 2017. I know that going into 3DWarehouse and downloading a componment into a model isn’t available, but I have been able to go to the component window while working on a model and click on a thumbnail of a component and the component download into the model, but Now it seems I cannot do that. Have ALL 2017 components been deleted?

I expect that’s the case. Or at least there won’t be that many of them. You can get components from the 3D Warehouse using your browser, though. Just download the Collada version and import the .dae.

It still works on Mac, but the same models on Windows show a file not found or invalid error.

If I directly look in a web page I can see that a 2017 version isn’t available, but Components should still get the original format model. If that is being phased out I’m not sure why it still works on Mac.

For now, you would need to download the model in a web browser, as Collada, unzip the download to get a model.dae and model folder, then import that dae. Make sure to go into options and turn on Merge Coplanar Faces.

Now, .dae files are not working. They bring up a different file other than .skp

Can you give a link to an example model where the Collada file doesn’t download?

The collada file downloads, but when I unzip it, try to load the .dae model into the build, I get the wire frame with no textures, shading, or color…just the wire frame.

Is there a folder within the zip file that contains the materials? Did you extract that folder intact into the same directory as the .dae?

What is the component you downloaded?

model.dae (1.5 MB)
This is an example…I only have two files unzipped… - I imported the .dae. and got just the wire frame.

The texture folder called model extracted into the same folder

What is the component in the 3D Warehouse? I want to get the complete file from there.

here is the html - The doable bar design | 3D Warehouse (

Interesting. It’s not a well constructed model. I do get the wire frame import, too. Are you set on using this file?

I ended up doing something different.

Looks like the issue is down to incorrect layer/tag usage. I fixed that in the model and exported the Collada File. That opened with the faces just fine.

What did you do differently?

I used a different model that I had on my pc

was working on a house design and needed a home bar/pub set up for a mancave

You’re building yourself a man cave with a bar? I’m jealous.

Another option those using Make 2017 have is to install Eneroth Open Newer Version into SketchUp. Then you can download one of the modern versions of a model from the warehouse and open it with the extension.

on Windows

Yes, I have Windows