This may be of interest, new from 3d Connexion KB and detached numpad

KB and Numpad


That’s pretty cool. Might have to order one for the office.

I’m sort of reliant on my space mouse so this is very interesting. However; why does this Numpad ( as well as others ) not have a comma ? I guess the top keys can be assigned to whichever key strokes you decide.

If you look on any regular101 key keyboards, there is never a comma key in the Numpad section. The comma key is between the M and the period keys in the regular keyboard section.

Yeah, comma (or semicolon) and space are really needed to input measurements in SketchUp but never native on numeric pads.

@waldun wasn’t asking the question of just this numberpad.
Why there is no comma on numpads by default is beyond me.

I do have it. On my keyboard - by default - there is “comma” on my numpad. (See animation below.)

Actually, the wording of the question is inaccurate.
The question - as the comment of @slbaumgartner suggesting - should be something like:
Why there is no “listing separator” next to the “decimal separator” on the numpad? :wink:

Not exactly. You can influence it by regional settings, language and/or keyboard selection… :innocent:
(I’m on Windows but I assume Mac should have some similarities…)


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True Dezmo, the comma and dot are generally swapped over, engish speakers generally use a . as a decimal and others use a ,
This is why I still find it annoying that both aren’t normally part of the num pad, both are used when punching in numbers in both versions.

A quick SU example would be scaling in 3 dimensions, try typing 1.75,2.39,1.8 without leaving the numpad.

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With e.g.: Hungarian regional format and keyboard selected, it is impossibly to do it at all. Because to be able to type the ; /list separator/ you have to hit Alt GR , which will abort the typing… you have to switch to English keyboard to be able to type the ; with one key hit… (Or change the region to English before you start using SU and use different separators)

So, yes I totally agree. We do need dedicated “listing separator” and “decimal separator” keys! :+1:

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I avoid all that by using a tablet for my shortcuts and have two custom numpads so I can hit them with either hand. I either let go the spacemouse or use the stylus hand depending on what I’m doing. I also have different screens setup for different work.
This all a bit off topic but It relates to why I would never use the 3d connexion keyboard.

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I do have two keyboards which automatically switch the keyboard setting depends which one I typing on … but:

Wow! Is that an Android tablet? Could you please share which application (playstore link?) is running on it?

It’s called Touch Portal.

Free for a basic setup but well worth the price of the paid version for me.


Thanks! Checking … Maybe I’m investing in a cheap tablet and sw … :+1:

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How is it communicating, wireless Bluetooth, USB ?

Wireless via Network (IP protocol)
or USB ( between Android and Windows only )

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I started with it wireless but pretty quickly change to usb as it keeps the thing charged so it’s no issue to have it on all the time. You do have to make some changes on your android for the usb connection to work but it wasn’t difficult.
The PC side I have set to start on boot so I only need to kick the tablet to life when I want it and it will connect.

Gonna have to try this out!