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I use windows 10… system is in English but I added Polish and Korean in language preferences… I switch between those quite often… I noticed that when entering values like “0.5” from numpad it is not accepted by sKetchup when I use polish keyboard… it treats it as comma not as a dot… I think officially coma separates thousands and millions and dot is proper for fraction part (?) but do You need that in sKetchup? You could treat both as fractional separation…

Maybe some other language users have similar inconvenience or it is only polish keyboard… (or Windows) Not big thing but it is actually far from numpad to the ‘dot’ key…

I do have a similar things with my English-German-Hungarian setup.

The situation is that on the numeric keypad the Decimal Separator “follows” the keyboard settings. While SU is “bonded” to the system Regional Settings.
So if you change the keyboard on the fly, the decimal separator could be different to system regional settings - on the numerical part of the keyboard.
That is the reason of the problem.
You should type the decimal symbol on the main part - according to system Regional Settings - of the keyboard.

The “good” news is: It is not exclusive for Sketchup … :slight_smile: This is happening with other sw too!

The world is split into two factions.
One uses a . as the decimal point and a , to separate list items [USA, Canada, UK, IRL, Aus, NZ etc].
The other uses a , as the decimal point and a ; to separate list items [most of EU and Asia etc].
SketchUp determines which is displayed/used depending on your language / regional settings…
In Ruby code etc it’s always the ., way…

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Ye I noticed… (though I didn’t know it that exact - thanks) My point is that there is no need in sKetchup for other use then decimal point so it could treat both comma and dot as decimal point… at least in the VCB

But then a , as the list separator wouldn’t work ! as it’d be thought of as a d.p. !

OK … I didn’t think it through totally… I was thinking about operations like scale and move and push-pull and rotate and drawing a circle and offset…
For drawing a rectangle you would need both comma and d.p.

I guess I will have to remember to switchback to English keyboard after writing another useless comment on youtube at work…

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