Change Comma - Dot As Decimal Separator


its a minor one but would be a huge time saver:

Have an option in the settings to use either a Comma or a Dot as decimal separator.

My problem: I am in Germany, so my operating system is in German and uses a comma as decimal separator. However, I prefer to have my keyboard set to English, because then the Z is in the bottom left and Ctrl + Z can be operated with one hand. Unfortunately that also changes the comma on the number pad to a dot, which SketchUp doesnt recognize (since the OS is in German setting).

Therefore a simple option in the preferences to change the decimal separator to either comma or dot (or use the system setting by default) would do wonders to my productivity…


Hello, this can be set up inside windows settings, go to “region & language pannel”, then “additional settings”, and change decimal separator.

You will then have to restart sketchup so that the changes can apply


This is a possible solution. However, it changes the setting system-wide. So in any other app, like Words or Excel, where I want to keep my keyboard as German, it gets changed too.

A setting inside SketchUp would be nicer.

But of course I understand, that SketchUp might not see this as an important enough issue to implement it in their software…


I doubt it would be simple. SketchUp likely uses OS calls to convert text to numbers. Taking on that responsibility within SketchUp would likely require a massive hunt for places where programs need to change.


If the only reason is for the Ctrl+Z function. Then why dont you still have your keyboard in german and add a shortcut inside sketchup for undo that you can easily do one handed?


If I’m not mistaken that shortcut would be Ctrl+Ü.

I’m however confused how any program whatsoever can be used with a German keyboard if Ctrl and Z aren’t available to press with one hand :open_mouth: . That is probably the most useful key combination! How German computers can have these keys elsewhere is beyond me.

Another workaround could be to use a Swedish keyboard. I think it is quite similar to the German.

I use Swedish keyboard, European decimal comma and US English as system language by the way.


Ctrl z is reachable with one hand, just less convenient. The z and y are swapped.


If z and y are swapped, I’d consider that <ctrl>-Z to be barely reachable - with great effort.

I just tried <ctrl>-Y on my full size, US English keyboard and, while I could do it with my left hand (which I use for <ctrl>-Z)- it hurt!

It’s easier with my right hand, but that’s my mouse hand and I’d rather not move my hand from my mouse.


It depends on your keyboard skills, a keyboard is designed for use with 2 hands and all keys are reachable with shift or ctrl, if that wasn’t the case nobody would be able to learn to touch type.
I have spent years working with keyboards of many languages, that has helped me become more familiar with strange key combinations. Finding the @ when it needs a combination including alt gr can be frustrating.


There are times that I have problems even finding my keyboard …


@Lulwa`s suggestion is so obvious that I simply must have missed it! :slight_smile:

Set my shortcut to Ctrl + Y (same position as English Z) and also created a Redo shortcut by just adding Shift.

Lets see how easy it is to get accustomed to…


Just be careful when doing that as ctrl y is the system default for redo. Sometimes SU doesn’t like changing system defaults.


Update: Indeed, the system doesnt like it one bit. So much so, that it seems, my custom shortcut gets lost every time I restart SketchUp.

So, sadly, that didnt work.


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