Support for comma and dot - regional - keyboard - bug

Hello SU community.

I usually work in USA and Europe/South America and the dot is used as comma and vice versa to represent decimal point (comma) or thousands separator depending the country where you are.

All the software that I have installed, takes the input of the dot in the number pad, and according to the region settings, it will invoke the corresponding comma or dot depending on the region. It will allways be used as decimal point/comma separator.

However, for SU the dot in the numpad it is always a dot, regardless of OS settings.

Simple example with the calculator (but I have tried other apps such excel and third parties)

I set OS config for US (language, region, and keyboard) / I open an application (any)

I enter for instance 99 (hit the dot in the num pad) and 9 again. And the application takes 99.9

I change the OS to be configure for Europe (i.e Spain, Argentina) Open application (ie. Calculator)

I enter 99 (hit the dot in the numpad) and 9 again and the application takes 99,9 (note the comma instead the dot)

Not able to use SU in same way and I use the numpad a lot for sizing objects in SU.


  • Before I posted this comment, I have searched for solutions in this forum and the solution is to change the OS configuration. However, it shouldn’t be this the solution.
  • It doesn’t matter what my SU version is… they all act the same since the last 5 versions at least
  • It doesn´t matter version of windows I have, since I tried W7, W8 and W10 with different SP and same result

Having the same issue. I won’t change the system settings as described in other threads because it simply isn’t how you use the decimal system here in Germany (and other countries too!) and therefore how you use it in every other app too.
I beleave it’s absolutely necessary for SU to include an option to change between comma and dot so the App gets more accessible to all countries where commas are being used. Right now its just frustrating, thinking of earlier local versions where this hadn’t been an issue.

Hello, being french speaking, with comma in my numeric pad, is there now a solution to commute dot and comma ?

Thanks in advance,

The decimal and list separator characters SketchUp uses are determined by your computer’s regional settings. In Europe, the default decimal separator is the comma. In the USA, the dot/period.

You can change your settings either by selecting a different region or create custom settings in the Windows Control panel>Time and Language>Additional date, time and regional settings>Region>Additional settings. Changing these settings will affect all your applications, not just SketchUp.

Bonjour à tous, et merci à ANSSI pour sa réponse rapide. J’ai trouvé une solution “bricolée” pour disposer du point du pavé numérique (Windows 10, clavier Azerty, pavé numérique “belge” avec virgule. Dans les paramètres linguistiques de windows, j’ai ajouté une seconde langue (j’ai choisi Français, canada, j’ai modifié le clavier pour prendre le clavier Azerty, et dans les paramètres spéciaux régionaux, j’ai modifié le symbole numérique, et le symbole monétaire de virgule vers le point. Lorsque je travaille avec Sketchup, je sélectionne ce clavier francais canada, et hop le tour est joué. Mais effectivement, cela me met un point dans toutes mes applications standard, sauf dans libre office qui continue à mettre une virgule… J’écris ce post volontairement en Français, avec traduction “automatique” ci-dessous, pour mes collègues francophones.
Hello everyone, and thank you to ANSSI for its quick response. I found a “DIY” solution to have the point of the numeric keypad (Windows 10, Azerty keyboard, “Belgian” numeric keypad with comma. In the Windows linguistic settings, I added a second language (I chose French, Canada, I changed the keyboard to take the Azerty keyboard, and in the special regional settings, I changed the numeric symbol, and the comma to dot monetary symbol. When I work with Sketchup, I select this french keyboard canada, and presto, voila. But actually, that puts me in all my standard applications, except in free office which continues to put a comma … I write this post voluntarily in French, with translation “automatic” below, for my French speaking colleagues.

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An old joke came to my mind. The name of the summer palace of the Prussian kings in Potsdam (near Berlin) is usually spelled “Sanssouci”, but actually the facade carries the inscription “SANS, SOUCI.” That would read as “Sans virgule souci point”. Frederic “The Great” was fond of this kind of humor.

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Any news about this subject?

No news.

I always had this problem with SU. Since I use the comma as the decimal separator, when entering numbers in SU I have to use the comma on the main keyboard instead of the dot key on the numerical keypad"

With Excel, I have no problem.

I have been signalling this glitch/bug since at least version 6 and they never corrected it.

This is on PC windows machine.

On my Mac, it works perfectly (and has always worked well) entering a comma when I use the dot key on the numerical keypad.

Is there a dedicated French Canadian keyboard setting that you use? Or French? My Finnish keyboard has always produced a comma from the numerical keypad. It was a problem with AutoCad that only uses the dot separator.

standard French layout will type a comma from the numerical keypad EXCEPT in sketchup where it will type a dot.

Trouble is, if you use your PC in standard french parameters, the dot separator doesn’t mean anything. and you have to go with a proper comma.

something in SU forces the keypad separator to be a dot regardless of where you are. and in half the cases it becomes useless.

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If you are French? As said, it works for the Finnish/nordic keyboard layout. @Colin, what have the developers against the French? :crazy_face:

yeah, never considered that. this is French bashing all over again ! is it because of Irak ? like french freedom fries ? :clown_face:

Over the years, I’ve seen it on… maybe 50+ PCs (training centres and students)
In some cases, they would switch the number system (to have the dot for decimal), but then it would cause problems in other classes on other softwares.

I use a QWERTY French Canadian keyboard on my Mac. No problem there.

The same with the PC but it is a company’s machine and I cannot tweak it easily.

If the numpad comma/dot key gives you a different character in French SketchUp than in other applications it certainly must be a bug in the french translation of SketchUp? It should type the system decimal separator in every application. I have the inverse situation when using AutoCad: AC expects a dot regardless of my regional settings so I cannot use the numpad key with it.

I noticed that with SketchupPro2022 on my WIndows11 French I have the issue of having to Shift+; to get decimals in Sketchup.
WIth my SketchupPro2021 on Windows10 French, I have NO problem.
And as you noted, it’s an ONLY SKETCHUP problem, as Excel, OpenOffice, 3dsMax, Photoshop, Fusion360, Calc, etc. don’t have the issue…