Support for comma and dot - regional - keyboard - bug


Hello SU community.

I usually work in USA and Europe/South America and the dot is used as comma and vice versa to represent decimal point (comma) or thousands separator depending the country where you are.

All the software that I have installed, takes the input of the dot in the number pad, and according to the region settings, it will invoke the corresponding comma or dot depending on the region. It will allways be used as decimal point/comma separator.

However, for SU the dot in the numpad it is always a dot, regardless of OS settings.

Simple example with the calculator (but I have tried other apps such excel and third parties)

I set OS config for US (language, region, and keyboard) / I open an application (any)

I enter for instance 99 (hit the dot in the num pad) and 9 again. And the application takes 99.9

I change the OS to be configure for Europe (i.e Spain, Argentina) Open application (ie. Calculator)

I enter 99 (hit the dot in the numpad) and 9 again and the application takes 99,9 (note the comma instead the dot)

Not able to use SU in same way and I use the numpad a lot for sizing objects in SU.


  • Before I posted this comment, I have searched for solutions in this forum and the solution is to change the OS configuration. However, it shouldn’t be this the solution.
  • It doesn’t matter what my SU version is… they all act the same since the last 5 versions at least
  • It doesn´t matter version of windows I have, since I tried W7, W8 and W10 with different SP and same result