This does not appear to be a Sketchup model

upload an example file

why i cant upload it?

You don’t get to upload files when you first join the forum. Use a file sharing site such as, and post the link to the file in your next reply. In that site there is a three blue dots button, that will let you change from sharing by email, to getting a link that you can give to us.

Hi, I have the same problem of (This does not appear to be a Sketchup model error). Can i share the file?

Yes please. Put the file on a file sharing site, and let me know the link.

Hi Colin,

Below is the link for the file.

The file is full of ‘FF’ values. And it’s only 18.9 MB. You can see for yourself what I mean, by zip compressing the file. All of those repeating ‘FF’ values leaves you with a zip file that is only 19 kilobytes.

Was the file that you uploaded also 18.9 MB?

Good morning Colin,

Yes the file was still 18.9 MB even when uploaded. What do you suggest I do from my end? Do i zip it?

Only zip it to see what I was describing, that the zip file is tiny. If it is tiny for you as well, then the file has no model data in it. If your zip file is bigger, then it would be worth posting that file.

I think your model file has no model data in it, and hopefully you have a backup file.

Hello Colin,
My apologies I couldn’t get back to you, I hope you are doing fine. Thank you very much for your advice and time, I really appreciate it. You are very right the file gets too small when zipped, i believe it’s missing the model data. I’ll have to get back to the architect who did the house plan. The other one is able to open. Thank you very much. I shall keep you posted after I talk to him and unfortunately neither of us have a backup file. I guess it can’t be rebuilt right? Have a blessed day.

Kind regards,




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Stop shouting and be patient.

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I am recovering from being deafened, and downloading your file now.


I wasn’t able to work out what kind of file you uploaded, but it isn’t a SketchUp file. I know the file name suggests that it is, but the data in the file looks incorrect.

I’m doing cad callouts when i typed the above text, and for you to assume that I’m shouting is just a poor judgement on your end . . .

Three posts all caps lock is shouting.


It is an SKP file sir colin, it is stored on a portable hardrive that was constantly on two different pc’s. Maybe it got last week corrupted, I was just hoping you could help me to recover it. that’s all, thank you.