"This does not appear to be a SketchUp Model!" - my model won't open - I am a student, please help!

Hi, if anyone can help me it would be very much appreciated. I am an (extremely stressed) Australian interior design student and have been slaving over my model for my assignment due on the 26th June (2023).

The problem is it has been working okay, (only at times crashing and coming up with the “failed to save” messages, but I have always been able to work around it and make it save) till I tried opening the file just now after restarting my computer and it won’t open. Out of nowhere is just keeps popping up with the message “This does not appear to be a SketchUp Model!”.

It is a rather large file, though I have been continuously purging any unused components and doing everything I know how to optimise the performance so it runs as smoothly and as fast as possible. I just don’t know why it is doing this all of a sudden.

Anyone else experienced this or knows what to do?

This model is my baby and idk what I will do if I can’t get it back. Please if anyone can, I will do anything to get some help with restoring this asap.

I hope someone, anyone, sees this!! :sob:

You need to upload it to dropbox or similar and post a link to the file here, without that we can do nothing.

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My bad!! Thanks for replying, here is the link

That file is empty, 0 bytes.

Oh no… Perhaps try this, the skb file? Thank you BW 24 Cadogan Street Marrickville.skb - Google Drive

Same problem with that one I’m afraid. If there is nothing there then we have nothing to fix.
How were you saving the file, to a local drive or to a network or cloud server?

Oh dear… thank you for trying anyway I really really appreciate it
I was saving it to a USB drive

There’s the problem, saving to anywhere other than local is a risk, any blip in the connection to the drive and you can lose everything.
In future only save locally and copy to external drive after saving.

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Ohhhh right, I had no idea that saving to a USB could pose such a problem. Noted. Thank you so much!!

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