This does not appear to be a skechup model

hi i have a problem with one of my files it gives ‘’ this does not appear to a sketchup model’’ when it is

it just got deleted randomly from my desktop and i recovered it with a recovering software and the software didnt recognize it as skp file so i opened it with sketchup and it gives the ‘‘this does not to be a sketchup model’’

share. the. file.
without a file, nobody can do anything.

but I wouldn’t keep my hopes to high, deleting a sketchup file then recovering rarely has a positive outcome. recovery software will scout for pieces of the file and pile them back up, not necessary in the right order, not necessary completely.

but then again, without a file…

edit : funny how on sundays, we suddenly see plenty of students using a “pro 2021” version desperately needing a hand recovering their file.
I’m off course gonna assume you’re a student.
am I any close ? :smirk:

i cant upload the file its too large is there another way

ps: lol no im a dropout and an amateur freelancer

Upload the file to DropBox and share the link.

Are you using a cracked version of SketchUp 2021?

no i’m using an license

Well, the .skp is corrupted. Typical of the results from using a recovery app. Do you have the .skb backup file?

i dont have it i’ve disabled it because it created a backup everytime i save

Well, that wasn’t a good idea. I guess you might as well get started remaking the model.

well ■■■■

thanks very much for the help

it wasnt a model per se it was an assets file that i’ve used for every project cuz my work is perpetuating 90% of times, gonna have to pull an all nighter to acquire them again

thanks very much