Thick black lines even with solid object

Hi all-

I’ve drawn a model up and created different scenes for each view point. I’ve noticed that some of the lines are thick black namely my steel beams and walls. I’ve checked and they’re a solid group. I’ve even tried to do a cleanup on them. I don’t understand why they are different that other lines- all my lines are connecting

Share the file so we can see what you are looking at.

SKP MODEL.skp (209.9 KB)

I have changed profiles to 1 and tried different ‘styles’ but I’m still confused as to why they are different thickness

I’m not seeing the same scenes in your model as you are showing in your screenshots. For some of the scenes you have Section Line weight set to 3. You could reduce that.

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Thanks Dave- that seemed to solve the problem! I knew it would be something simple

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Profiles can affect the performance of sketchup if your file gets bigger, there’s no need to have them activated if you don’t have rounded or smooth faces that you need to be visible.

well the solution was found about an hour ago or so, it wasn’t the profiles, it was the section lines that remained thick despite all manipulations.

looking at the file, profiles, no profiles, wouldn’t do much of a difference.

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I know, just wanted to tell her that it can affect the performance, in case she doesn’t know in the future why her model starts to feel laggy.