There is something wrong with the axis on this model



X and Y attributes shoud match the dimensions.

I know I have been messing with the axis, but now it shoud be fixed.

Please, any clue?

borrar3.skp (51.5 KB)


You’d think so. The X and Y position values shown in your screen shot are relative to the origin (0,0,0) which is where the axes normally cross by default. You’ve moved the model axes away from that position so the dimensions you show are to your arbitrarily selected location. Although you can move the axes, you cannot move the origin. It’s location is fixed in the model space.

Here I’ve reset the axes position to their correct position.


Thank you,

How did you do that? How do I find the origin to change the model axes?


Right click on one of the axis lines or the place where they cross and choose Reset from the Context menu.


Thank you again, Dave.


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