Jagged curves


I’m getting a funny graphic thing where my curves are coming up all jagged and I can’t tell if I’ve achieved what I want.

The model is really simple at the moment so I’m a little confused as to what the problem is.

180410 Proposal.skp (398.7 KB)


If that is an arc, your model is very far (probably tens of kilometers) from The SketchUp model origin. Move it there and things should return to normal.



It is, but unfortunately that’s not the problem - I’m right on the origin.


You’re near where you have set the crossing of the axes but you are not near the origin.

You’ve moved the axes but that doesn’t move the origin. Reset the axes and then move the model to the origin.


oh - ok, how do I find the original origin ?


The axis has been moved. That doesn’t affect the actual coordinates. I reset the axis the first thing when i opened your model.


Right click on an axis line and click Reset. Then select your model and get the Move tool. Start moving the model, let go of the mouse and type [0,0,] and hit Enter. Use the square brackets.


Thank you both - didnt know that re-setting the UCS changes the origin. You learn a new thing every day :slight_smile:
Much appreciated.


sorry - axis, I’m an AutoCAD user


It is in fact just like in AutoCad. You can move the axes just like you can move the UCS in AutoCad, but the “world” origin doesn’t change.


Changing the location of the axes doesn’t really move the origin. The origin, [0,0,0] is fixed in the model space.


You also have a component instance of Component#409 with all its edges hidden so it is invisible, but it is located quite far from the rest of the model.

Edit: and some hidden stray edges far away as well.


slbaumgartner - how did you find that ?


After resetting the axes and moving the obviously valid content to the origin, I unhid all and then did a zoom-extents. That revealed the stray edges and also a distant instance of Component#744. Then I started clicking things in the outliner and choosing zoom selection. In the case of Component#409 the view zoomed to empty space! I also have a private library of Ruby utilities I use to search models for issues such as these.


Found it ! - how messy of me. Thank you !


You’ve also got some reversed faces (I changed the back color to green) and z-fighting along the edge of the stairs. It would be good to fix these now so that they won’t create additional issues later:



z fighting ? whats that ?

Thank you, I know about that one (the reversed face) - what your looking at is the inside of the handrail. it doesn’t have another face yet.


z-fighting occurs when two faces are at exactly the same place in the model. The flashing is because OpenGL can’t decide which of them is “in front” and should be displayed.


oh ok.

So the intention is to create an exploded axo with this model - so they will eventually be pulled apart. Do you think this will still be a problem ?


If they are in different components or groups, it will cease to happen when they are pulled apart because the faces will no longer coincide. Of course, if they are in the same context they will stick to each other and make a mess if you try to move things apart!

With the understanding that the reversed faces are the interior of the handrail and will be inside it once you add the outer face(s), they are probably not a problem.