Geometry broken after start edit component

bandicam 2021-09-26 15-16-56-654

Please Help, how to fix issue in screen? This happend on any component in model
The issue not reproducing when I copy paste component to empty project (model).

Share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got.

Is the model at a great distance from the origin?

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sample.skp (459.3 KB)

The problem model.

@DaveR Dave was right, the model is a long way from the origin. Right click on any of the coloured axis lines and choose reset, then find the origin,

I have moved it to the origin.
sample(1)Box.skp (466.6 KB)

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It’s more than 6 kilometers from the origin.

As @Box wrote, correct the axes and move the component closer to the origin and you won’t have that problem.

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By the way, moving the axes (red, green, and blue lines) does not move the origin. The origin (0,0,0) is a fixed point in space. By default the axes are positioned so they intersect at the origin but the user can move them around. The user cannot move (0,0,0).

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Thanks a lot. Problem now solved. :slight_smile: