Jagged graphics

Trying to figure out why my graphics are all jagged and messed up.

Hardware acceleration in Sketchup preferences is on.

I updated my graphics driver. My graphics card (NVIDIA Quadro K600) seems to be compatible with OpenGL. Maybe I need to change settings on my driver? I have an NVIDIA control panel, but I don’t know which of the many settings in here could help.

It looks to me as if the windows aren’t aligned with the wall.

The windows aren’t perfectly aligned, but that’s not the issue. The fronts of the windows are all outboard of the wall by 1-3". When I orbit, the extent of the wall appearing to engulf the windows changes.

Perhaps you could share the SKP file?

sounds like your model is a long way from origin…


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How far from the model origin are your buildings?

John beat me to it!

It’s true, the model is a long way from the origin. I didn’t realize this could cause graphic problems.

Thank you so much!

Well, I moved my origin into the modeled area this morning and it unfortunately didn’t solve the issue. Does that mean there is a separate problem, or does it mean this model is permanently affected by starting it with the origin far away?

I’m uploading a freshly exported image and the file.

Street View for Public Meeting 1-30-17.skp (1.3 MB)

Thank you all for your help!

The model you shared is still over 16 million feet from the origin.

If you select the entire model and move it to the origin, everything looks fine…

Aaron’s faster. :slight_smile:

FWIW, if you moved the axes, that’s not the same as moving the model to the origin. The model origin is fixed in space.

Ohhh that explains it! Thank you so much!

Ok, new problem… I select everything, activate the move tool, click a reference point, type 0,0,010, hit enter… and it gives me a message that says “invalid length entered”. Does SketchUp Make not recognize coordinates? (I did google this and didn’t find anything…)

Yes. It recognizes coordinates if you enter them correctly. Use [0,0,10]

Instead of using Google, use the SketchUp help files which you can access through the Help menu in SketchUp. then you might find this: http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/3000090 and specifically:

Coordinates: The Measurements box accepts global or relative coordinates. To enter global coordinates, use square brackets, such as [3’, 4’, 5’]. To set relative coordinates, use angle brackets, such as <3’, 4’, 5’>.

Aha! It’s all about details, I was missing the brackets. Thank you!