Sketchup model resolution


My sketchup model resolution on screen has become very jagged. Last week it was fine


Did you update your graphics driver ?

Are you still using SketchUp 8 ?

Have you tried changing settings on Preferences > OpenGL ?
(Especially the Hardware acceleration and the anti-aliasing setting in “Capabilities” listing.)


Thanks for the reply Dan,

Yes I did try changing the preferences in Open GL but without any effect. I am still using Sketchup 8 and when I searched for a driver update for my graphics card it told me there were none. The last current driver is from 2014!


This is the latest driver direct from Nvidia (if you are still using the GeForce GTX 660Ti.)
It was released last month on the 25th.

You can always go to and enter your card specs (or just press the autodetect button,) to get the latest driver.


It could be the some global graphics settings changed via the Nvidia Control Panel ?

Well you can install SketchUp Make 2016 just as a test:

Different SketchUp versions have there own location and settings, so they can co-exist side-by-side.

(I would not recommend trying SketchUp 2017 until you get a newer graphics driver installed.)


It isn’t always a driver issue (although it is a good idea to check out current drivers)

A client just sent me a model, I opened it and the cabinet was jagged.

So I simply selected the cabinet in SU and copied it to the paste buffer and opened up a new model using my setup.


That looks as if it may just be a style setting difference - perhaps in Edges - Profile edges?