There is a very small panel in which the dimensions are displayed . need help

Have a nice day, everyone. I just started to master the program and faced such an inconvenience. in the lower left corner of the screen, where the sizes of objects are indicated, the window itself is very small and the values simply do not fit. Can you tell me how to stretch it so that it is like everyone else’s? Thank you in advance for your help.

To what do you have the display scaling set? Make sure it’s 150% or less.

I set 150% (it was 250) . I just got an unreadable small text . The panel’s dimensions remained the same

Restart your computer after the change.

Yes, it seems fine , but how to use the computer now , all the icons are small and the text

I have a 4k monitor , when I set the resolution to 1080, the panel size is also normal. Apparently, the problem is with scaling the application itself. How can I fix it?