The web application crashes when opening a file

Hello everybody
I use the web application to build a file that has now become very large, about 120 mb. After a regular file save, the file cannot be opened the next time the application is restarted and a crash is reported. There are no further details that I can provide because I have no information on the screen.

Thank you.

Maybe you can go to your Trimble Connect account and download the .skp file to your computer. Then share it with us through Drop Box or Google Drive so we can take a look at the file. Might be that it can be opened and cleaned up to reduce the size enough that you can open it in your browser.

unfortunately it is not possible to download the file, not even an older version. the application indicates a download in progress but I cannot find any downloaded file on the pc.

Did you try going directly to and signing in there?

hi, I downloaded the file using android from the phone. It is now available on my google drive.

hi, if you want I can share the file on drive. Thanks for your help

Share the link to it on your Google Drive.

Looks like you let your model get a bit out of hand. Those trees are probably killing your graphics card. They are really loading down your model. There are a lot of other heavy components in the model as well. For the way they are being used in the model, you could stand to simplify the components a great deal. The telescopes and space vehicles don’t need anywhere near as much detail as they have. A good practice is to clean up components in a separate file before you insert them into your project.

Also, watch how you are using tags. Your model has some edges and faces that should be untagged but aren’t.

And there’s some unused stuff that should be purged.

Note the blue faces shown in my screen shots are reversed. You should also correct their orientation so only white front faces are exposed.

I’m in the process of cleaning up your model so that maybe you can open it. I’ll share it when I get done.

What is this place? Does it exist or are you just making it up for the fun of it?

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Thanks for your help. I am not a very experienced user, I will try to work hard to apply your advice. The place is fantasy, it is my project to create an astronomical park with an observatory, museum, planetarium and outdoor educational area. In what must have been the forest I have to make a scale solar system, a picnic area and a horizontal sundial … :slight_smile: Sketchup is the only place where I can build my ideas. Thanks again.

A scale solar system is HUGE. We Finns have one in Helsinki, to a scale of 1 to a billion, and if you want to go to have a look at all the planets you will have to walk about 11 kilometers. The sphere representing Mercury, the smallest planet, has a diameter of 4,9 millimeters, like a small pea.
For the model to fit into your park, you would need a powerful microscope to see the planets.

I’ve deleted the trees and run a CleanUp routine which did this:
Screenshot - 10_23_2020 , 11_11_57 AM

It didn’t have a huge impact on file size but then I didn’t do anything to reduce the complexity of the various components inside the building. That would probably take several hours more.

I would suggest waiting to add the trees until the end and when you do add trees, choose a better tree component. The one you used doesn’t show very well in your model.

You should learn about grouping your geometry. As it is, everything you’ve modeled is one mass of geometry which make it more complicated to work with.

Here’s a link to the model. Hopefully your computer will be able to handle it.

hello, yes I know that representing the solar system on both scales, dimensions and distances, would be impossible (or at least it would not be functional). In my intentions it is a path in which the distance scale is respected and sun and planets will have “comfortable” dimensions, such as to be able to show as much detail as possible. Thanks for your comments.

hello, despite all efforts the web application continues to crash. I downloaded the clean file and uploaded it to trimble connect, when I opened it I got the same error message I had before. Could it be because the file exceeds 100MB? Can the further cleaning and lightening operations you indicated to me be done only through sketchup or is there any other tool suitable for the purpose?

It could be due to the excessive size of the file. As I wrote before, it’s likely that your graphics card isn’t up to the task. The integrated graphics cards such as the one you have are well known to be not great for heavy duty graphics processing. Maybe you can get another computer with a better graphics card. Or as this is a hobby thing for you, you might try starting over doing what I said and simplifying the components before you add them to your model.

I’ve opened the cleaned file in the web version and it works fairly well for me. Simplifying the model would help.

Ok, thanks a lot for your assistance. I get to work :wink:

Good luck. If you are going to use those same telescope and spacecraft components, download them one at a time and strip everything you can out of them. Then save them into your Trimble Connect account or upload them to your 3D Warehouse collection. I would reduce details and get rid of as many textures as I could. Later when you have them all stripped and saved, start your building model and add the streamlined components instead of the fat ones you used before.

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