Crashed, now file will not open

I used the desktop version before, but switched to web instead. Now I got a crash where I can try to open my most recent file but it does not show anything. I can see a preview thumbnail in the library, just nothing to be seen when open. Even zoom extends does not show; however the component lib does show components in use. Please advise, thanks.

Go to, sign in, and download the .skp file to your computer. Then upload it here so we can take a look at it. If it’s too large a file to upload directly, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Bizarrely enough when I open the file through Trimble Connect, then edit in Sketchup I _can open and edit the file.

I still get the impression the file is rather big. How can I hunt for items taking up the most memory and storage?

Look first at any components you have imported from the 3D Warehouse- they are most likely to be the culprits.

Not at my computer and I rarely use the Web version, but I think you can probably use the components browser to select a component definition, then view Statistics for each component and look at the edge count. Edge counts in the tens or hundreds of thousands may need to be removed and redrawn or replaced by simpler models. Simpler components can also be a problem if there are hundreds of instances of them.

Also look for large textures or imported images.

PS. Just back at my computer, and I see that the Web version (even Shop) doesn’t show edge counts anywhere I can find. Not in Component Browser, not in Model Info. Sorry, that won’t help you.

Upload your model (the .skp file) here and someone with a desktop version can use one of several extensions to diagnose the ‘heavy’ components if your model has too many to review one at a time.